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Walking for Health
These walks are supported by the Ramblers, S.Staffs Council and Macmillan Cancer Support group and are also being organised on a national basis.

The scheme is intended to give people the opportunity to start walking, perhaps after an illness or simply as a means of starting to get fitter and healthier.

In addition it includes progressive walks for those who wish to walk longer distances from 2.5 miles upwards.

There are 2 walks available, catering mainly for retired people and initially during the weekdays not weekends.

Walking for Health Grade 1. This is suitable for people who have not been very active or have not walked much before, are looking to be more active. or are returning from injury or illness. They are intended to be up to 30 minutes on flat ground or gentle slopes with firm surfaces and no steps or stiles.
Starts from the Post Office at 10.00am.

Walking for Health Grade 2 Suitable for people who are looking to increase their activity levels. They are between 30-60 minutes and may include some moderate slopes, steps, and possibly stiles.
>Starts from the Post Office at 2.30pm

Unfortunately our regular walk leader is not currently able to lead the walks and we are awaiting news regarding the availability of a temporary, trained substitute. Watch this space for news regarding the recommencement of Shareshill's guided walks.

For further details use the Contact Us link

click here to download the flyer

Shareshill Walks
1 mile circular, "all weather" fitness walk
This route is approximately one mile in length and being "circular" can be joined at any point along it. It passes the key buildings facilities of the village including the pub for those requiring a break!

Most of the route is along pavements but be aware that there are two short sections of road without a pavement: Old Cannock Road and by the side of the school grounds in Saredon Road. Don't forget to walk on the right hand side facing any on-coming traffic.
The route also uses three short footpaths and the church driveway.

Shareshill Countryside Walks - Boots recommended !

Shareshill village is fortunate in being surrounded by a network of country lanes, bridleways, footpaths and rights of way across privately owned land. Whilst the lanes are kept free by motorised traffic, the other routes depend upon usage to keep them open. The paths to the west of the village have recently been marked out again; so for the first time in many years all the main paths are accessible and clearly marked.
Please follow the countryside code by respecting property, leaving gates as you find them, keeping any dogs under control and leaving no litter.
From time to time they also require action from Staffordshire County Council officers.

Downloadable Routes
These routes have been planned by John Parton who has numbered each route for convenience only. Designated rights of way are numbered separately by the county council.

To download route maps with instructions click on the map.
Being a "right of way" does not guarantee that the landowner has maintained access.

Route number 1
map of route 1

John Parton points out that it is necessary to take a detailed Ordnance Survey map to avoid problems. He uses Pathfinder 891 Wolverhampton (North) which is 2.5 inches to I mile. (in old money).

Route number 2
map of route 2
Here are a few photographs which John Parton has taken along "Route 2".
Click on the photographs to see a larger version.

Route number 3
map of route 3

These pictures were taken on the organised walk along route 3 on 19th July, 2009.
Click on the photographs to see a larger version.

The Shareshill 6 (km)
This is the route of the Shareshill 6 Fun Run. There are no separate instructions but you can click on the map to download a larger print version.
map of route 3

These pictures were taken on an organised walk along route 3.
Click on the photographs to see a larger version.

County Council action
Staffordshire County Council's Rights of Way team is tasked with overseeing a massive 2800 mile network.

It is important to emphasise that the public must respond by sticking to the right of way and keep the area clean, tidy, and free from litter. If there is a cropped field to cross, walkers must keep in single file.

For Staffordshire walks beyond Shareshill visit the Walking in Staffs website.

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