2009 Fete and Vintage Fayre

General view of site 1This year's event was one of the best ever. The sky looked a bit dodgy with dark grey clouds from time to time; but it stayed dry apart from a momentary light shower.
It all came together after six months of planning by a small but dedicated committee, backed up by a large group of volunteers who made it all happen on the day.General view of site 2
General view of site 3It would not have been possible without the many enthusiasts who bring along their lovingly restored and cared for vehicles.
There wouldn't be much point without the many visitors who come to enjoy the afternoon
My only regret is that the barbecue ran our of food by the time I'd finished taking photographs to put up on this page!barbecue

steam engines
On the left is 1916 Foster Showman's engine.
On the right is a 1926 Avelling Steam Roller. At the end of the show it was used to flatten some damage to the grass caused by a tracked vehicle.
This miniature train is a regular visitor to our event, carrying younger childen (and the odd parent) up and down its track.
fairground organ
This fairground organ added to the vintage atmosphere
dog agility demo
We were treated to a Dog Agility display by human and canine members of Lichfield and District Dog Training Society
dog agility demo stalls
Just a few of the many and varied stalls.

Classic Motorbikes

motocycles group
The green bike on the left is a 1960 Francis Barnet Plover 150 cc
Next to it is a 1970 BSA Thunderbolt 650 ccTourer
two Velocette Venoms
The Velocette Venom 500 is one of the greatest motorcycles ever built. Here are two of them, a 1959 and a 1960 model.
Ariel Arrow 250

The Ariel Arrow 250 had a 2-stroke, twin cylinder engine. The owner of this 1965 example was not expecting to to exhibit it; but the webmaster talked him into moving it on to the field.
Sorry I don't have any details about this Harley-Davidson and sidecar. Please enlighten me if you know more.

Classic Cars

1 Austin & 3 Morris
Left to right: Austin A35, 1935 Morris 8 (4-seater),
1960 Morris Minor 1000m 1935 MorriS 8 (2-seater)
1940 Austin 8
This 1940 Austin 8 Tourer was rebuilt by its owner
"from the ground up" in 1990
MG VA tourer
This MG VA Tourer was first registered on 31st December, 1938.
MG VA,  Austin Ruby, Austin Opal
Left to right, MG VA, 1935 Austin Ruby, 1934 Austin Opal
pair of Austin A35s
A pair of Austin A35s
Austin A40
Austin A40 Devon, circa 1948 - not the one designed by Alec Issagonis !
Land Rover & Hillman
Ex-MOD Series 3 Land Rover and a Wartime Hillman -let us know if you know more details
1958 Riley
1958 Riley 1.5 litre
MG & Bentley
This MG and the 1959 Bentley S2 recently completed a run to Italy and back
Austin Ruby, Thames pickup & 2 Land Rovers
left to right: 1935 Austin Ruby, 1960 Ford Thames 400E pickup, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Series
custom cars
Most of us can tell what these were when Ford first made them, though we're not too sure what they are now!
AC Cobra
There's no mistaking this AC Cobra in such a discreet colour!

Classic Commercials

1953 ex-army Morris tipper
The 4x4, 1953 ex-army Morris MRAI tipper on the left cost 45 in 1955. It was reconditioned in 1998 after a long lay up.
Thames pickup
The owner of this 1960 Ford Thames 400E claims that he bought it on Ebay one night when he was drunk! It had been layed up in a barn for 35 years. It started on the second attempt after fitting a new battery and putting fuel in it. Restoration took 3 years, just in time for this year's event.
Guy Vixon and Albion claymore
Both these vehicles were painstakingly and lovingly rebuilt from derelict wrecks by Paul Adams. On the left is a 1958 Guy Vixen box van which spent its working with Pickfords. It was rescued after 30 years in a Watford scrapyard.
Next to it is a 1955 Albion Claymore.
Paul Adams' fleet
More of Paul Adams' fleet: next to the Guy vixen and Albion claymore is a 1932 Leyland Badger, once part of Paul's father's fleet of lorries, and a 1958 Leyland Octopus.
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